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  Aim and Objective

In The Name fo Allah

We created you from a single (pair)
Of a male and a female,
And make you into
Nations and tribes,
That you may recognize
One another
(Not that you may despise each other)

Verily, the most honoured
Of you in the sight of God
Is (he who is) the Best in conduct
Holy Quran 19:13

"Establishing multifaceted educational institutions in various fields like Arts, Science & Commerce, Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Medical and Paramedical, and Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Establishing Training Centers for various jobs, acting as an agency for channelizing Govt. and other funds to make Muslims economically self reliant. Campaigning among Muslims to achieve higher status in society, leading to be an inevitable presence in mainstream society.

Engaging in various programs to spread Islam by establishing Daawa institutes, organizing Daawa wings, and making use of all available channels to defend campaign against Islam and Muslims"

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